New Home part 2!

So on Monday 18th April 2011 We went to Ruse to sign the paperwork – my Lawyer had seen the title deeds & the contract & said it was fine & we could sign in confidence that it was written right. We met Pav in the Metro car park & he guided us to the office. We met the lovely Iva who handed us the contracts & we signed – paid the deposit & got our keys!

So after buying a new keyring (puss in boots from Shrek) Also a quick bite to eat we went & found the house again! We made a few mistakes but found the house!

Here are a few more photos! I also have been after photos of storks – I always see then when I have no camera with me! I saw 1 outside L’s garden & got photos & then saw 2 in a nest outside my new house!  YAY photos in  nest! Outside my home! COOL!


My new home!

Well we have done it! We have a new home (its almost ours!) We have found a lovely home near to where we wanted to be (Veliko Tarnovo region) The house is closer to Popovo but the location is STUNNING! Also the whole area feels like home! The village is small but tidy – houses are very pretty & there are a few Brits in the area too!

Now we had no plan to buy a house – but we went to visit L as her husband was away in the UK – all it was meant to be was a weekend away! Another of L’s friends who I know on facebook had a house for sale & was willing to sell it to me over time, sadly the house did not suit us, the garden was too small & the road was a bit too busy for my baby cats, I could not move from 1 busy road where I have lost too many of my fur babies to another & watch my babies being killed on the road L but I am still so grateful to M&R for their generosity in offering me a house over time. Once back at L’s M started to send some links of other people who offered houses on a rent to buy scheme – 1 I had heard of Paul Hawtin – I had researched & tried to find any negative comments about him & had only heard good things. There was another chap but he did not seem as honest & Paul. So we agreed to see one of the houses he had & might see the second, The first house was in a lovely village not far from where we wanted to be, however the garden was very steep & over looked & the house was tiny! It was a very cute quaint cottage but not good for 2 large people who are tall! Especially not my man who is 6’4! He could not stand in one room! So not for us! So we agreed to see the other house – it only stood on 770², which I thought, was way too small! But we did agree to visit it.

So we followed Pav up hill & over many twisty roads through stunning scenery & village after village of cute houses! When we pulled up outside – it was WOW! Why did I dither about viewing this house! A nice double story house, which is not typical of many Bulgarian houses I have seen – also has a quaint barn, which needs some repairs! But is very CUTE! Can you tell I love my home?

So after a good look around I am glad L was with us as she remembered to ask many questions! I just fell in love! I love the area & everything! Yes it is going to take LOTS of work to get this garden in shape & to have the house how I want it! But for now it’s mine! (Well it will be in 30 months)

So here are the photos of our new home! Still not sure when we will move in but it is ours! All ours! I love, love, love, love, love, love, it!



OMG GROSS! Ticks, on my baby puppy, how much more does my Spike have to go through?

Not long ago Spike stopped eating – after a few days we rushed him to the vet – who said he had been poisoned 😦

So he went to the vet on Friday, Saturday & Sunday & had to have a drip – & a weeks worth of injections. Thankfully he is now all better, we do not think he was poisoned on purpose, more likely he found something nasty to eat in the melting snow.

So fast forward a few weeks & the sun is shining the garden is growing nicely with weeds! & bugs are now active! So ticks have arrived! So far we have removed 4 from Spike & 1 from Heinz. We will get front-line this week!

So here is a lovely photos of 4 ticks & some fur in rakia! Sorry if it creeps you out!


So imagine thick snow freezing cold day! We head off to Kat to re-register the car I have to come as I am going to be doing the paper work! So friends of ours turn up with a Bulgarian chap to translate! His grasp of English is ok but not great! So could get nowhere on the first day – we arrived too late! So fast-forward Thursday 24th February 2011. Much standing around! It was blooming early & so cold in the snow! My friend said I was sick for 4 days the last time we did this! (Thanks hun I have been sick ever since! Still coughing & sneezing!) So we are 5th in the queue! Great not going to be a long job then! So first I am taken into the office with our Bulgarian friend great I cannot do it, as I am not the man! His name is on the logbook he has to do the paperwork! So I am left with the car – I do not drive! I have never learnt to drive & really do not want to learn! So the cars start to move! I am stuck trying to ask 3 men if they understand English they do not! So here I am miming I do not drive! One of them moves the car for me! OMG I have faced several of my fears! I am a ALONE! & I have to talk to strangers! I do not speak the language!!!!! I was very jumpy! So I am on the phone to my man! They are racing off into town! He needs to get the paperwork from a notary to sell the car to the company! Then race back fill in the forms & get back to me before it’s my turn to go into the garage! He gets back to me with 2 minuets to spare! Then we go in! YAY this part is supposed to be easy!

Well straight away they whinge about the lights! The lines on the glass go the wrong way! & The stickers are not good enough! Then there are problems with the back breaks! OMG by this time I am cold shivery hungry & pissed off! So off my man & 2 guys go to a scrap yard to find lights! I have a hot drink with our other friend! The other men come back YAY they found lights – oh no wrong type! Our friend takes me to another friends home, as I am cold & close to tears! OMG I love these guys they feed me! Egg chips & beans OMG so GOOD!

So whilst I am warming up my man is still dealing with the officials at KAT – they are part of the police so only a few take bribes! However not today as the rules were changed last week & a headman from the Ministry is watching their every move!

Friday! My man is back again! Back brake is fixed & all the lights have changed! & With a small bribe we finally got our MOT! New licence plates & our VW Polo is now Bulgarian! Total cost around 500 leva! Phew glad its over with! & Weeks later we are still suffering from being stuck in the snow! Bulgarian bugs must be super strong!!

A light bulb moment!

No I did not have a “eureka” moment! This in fact refers to the moment when the light bulb fell out of the holder! My man was just walking over to see me at my computer when there was a ping & darkness!

Now we wondered who had not screwed the bulb in properly? Well no one as the glass part of the bulb parted ways with the metal Edison screw part of the bulb! This caused much laughter on my part! So my man ran out to the electric meter & switched off all the juice just in case he fried himself getting the bulb out! So with the juice off we tried in vain to remove the bulb – no such luck! So we needed to get a new bulb holder! Simples! Well the first one my man played with he screwed it up tight & it seems to be a non-return screw! Eventually we bought another one & YAY we now have light!

Getting cold again! Yep more SNOW!

Well it does seem that my last post was far too optimistic! Yes you have guessed it the snow is back!


So things have been pretty quiet since my last post! We have had Valentines Day – My love brought me a stunning orchid! Now I want 3 more LOL They are so pretty! Now I have to see if I will kill it or not! My love also got me some chocolate – I guess he is a keeper! Mind you I keep being chatted up on facebook! I may get a better offer! Only joking hunny I loves you really!



So the Tuesday after Valentines we went on a double date with our good friends. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant. Had a lovely meal 2 starter, 4 dishes, 2 desserts & a few beers although us gals had soft drinks.  Very nice & relaxing & cost us the grand sum of 60 leva! The next day we met the same friends for our usual lunch – this time we went to Mystics (spelt wrong I think!) stunning place shame the menu is in Bulgarian only but N&T have been learning Bulgarian for a while now & can figure most things out. The place does have a lovely waiter that speaks seriously good English! We ordered 2 sashes – massive sizzling dishes of chicken & vegetables & pork & vegetables, 2 portions of chips, 4 beers & 2 soft drinks & 3 slices of cheesecake – for a BARGIN price of 38 leva!!


Thursday T & I were supposed to go shopping with another Bulgarian lady, sadly snow stopped that,  but we spent some time at N&T & collected a heap of DVDs to keep us busy! The hard part of being here is the fact we cannot do anything! It is not our home so we can only keep it clean & tidy! So much needs fixing! Yet I cannot & will not spend any money here I am rather annoyed that I paid 50 leva to fix the stupid fire, which I have yet to get back from the homeowner! Also this week I had to pay the electric bill which was from NOVEMBER! I arrived on the 28th December so have paid way too much money – not happy! The wood that was meant to last the winter is rapidly running out! We are now burning coal to try to make it last so I am spending more cash than I ever planned too! So much for saving up to buy my own place! (We are saving just not as much as I hoped!)


Still we had to go to Vidin on Thursday as our lawyer had FINALLY got our company formed! YAY! We now have a fully formed Bulgarian company! So it’s almost time to start the property hunt again! Once we have some warmer weather – we will head down to VT & see our much missed friends, meet some new ones & see the house my folks wish to buy, make sure no damage has been done in the bad weather – measure the rooms & take about a thousand photos!


Fast-forward to today – our normal Saturday meet up with friends & breakfast some coffee, hot chocolate & a club sandwich – a nice way to spend 2 hours! Then some shopping to pick up the stuff I forget & check out the cheaper meat! Must grab a bargain when you can! Mind you the freezer is rather full now!


So till next time just a few snowy photos! More of the same – SORRY!

The walking wounded!

Well my man has been silly! Just over a week ago he stood on a nail in the garden – the snow that was still around and hid the nail. He swore a lot but said he was fine! I did not know it had punctured the skin.


So fast forward to Wednesday, we go out & have lunch with N & T on Wednesdays. As I was putting on my shoes P says I need to see a doctor there is something wrong with my foot I may have an ingrown nail. So we mentioned the need to see the doctor at lunch (very nice it was too!) & after lunch N & T took us to the Bio Med clinic. A very old building that does not look the best – however the staff there is great, the equipment is up to date etc.


So no waiting! T took P & knocked on the doctor’s door – P was taken in & seen by 2 female doctors & then by another female doctor who spoke fairly good English. The wound was cleaned & treated & P had to come back on Friday (today) & again on Monday.  Now I was told that if the infection spread P might lose a toe. The infection is better today so the toe is safe!! YAY! All this was dealt with in fewer than 20 mins! Super efficient! The doctors main concern was with rabies! The treatment is VERY PAINFUL! But thankfully we are in a safe area! I only need to worry if P starts to foam at he mouth lol! Of course now he is refusing to brush his teeth! MEN!


I have been having a laugh at P about the foot! As a diabetic I am careful about wounds & my feet etc. Silly old men! But it seems healthcare is good, efficient & cheap here so far he has only been charged 10 lev!


A quick foot note (pardon the pun!) It seems you can buy almost anything in a pharmacists! I can get my diabetic meds without prescription!


Now whilst I have photo’s of the foot, I will spare you all! It is NASTY!